trust a fox photography - live music photographer and videographer based in the north west of england uk, specialising band photography for promo and gig documentary and tours with editorial image licence and PR assignments.

as a former drummer, my passion has always been live performance and capturing this in live music photography has been a natural progression for me. 

as well as live action stage shots and back stage documentary style band images are very important and an area I like to work, I also offer promo/press shots/editorial and I'm always looking for the best new talent to work with.

contact me to ask about my services, images and promo rates. 

really interested in tour work. 

Book me to capture your tour/festival images!

Manchester based live music photographer and gig documenter


This is me doing a "I AM A MOOD" photo for The Moods Manc


NEW SERVICE we've also started to offer video, contact me for details. 

We ONLY do rock n roll weddings !

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