Northside play Sale gig review 18/10/14 support The Northstand and Dave Sweetmore.

Yet another one of them reviews by the non reviewer! My thoughts are based on what I see and feel more then what I hear, more about the venue and the overall gig. I know the bands are all quality or I wouldn't be there and I wouldn't be talking shite, if it's the music you want reviewing stop now.

18th October, see the original line up of Northside return to Manchester......well, Cheshire really I think. The Waterside Arts Center is down by the canal, across from Sale Metro Station. My first visit to this place, and I was impressed. All very new and shiny - think it's about 6 years old, but new in my eyes. All white walls, hard floors and steel.

Got over early to see sound check and get a look around, was great to meet up with the Northside lads again and DJ Dave Sweetmore, who also did the Academy show. The Northstand were new to me, heard a lot of good things about them and seen them on twitter and the like, but this was the first time I'd met them. All top people in a great venue then.

Sound check was a speeding thing, just over an hour I was put up and photo pit ready for me and Andy Carson a few local tog. 

Outside for a breath of fresh air before doors.......garlic bread, mmmmm. The main door is just above a Bistro and I sadly never got to sample the stuff, but lovely smell. 

The venue is a good size, the door fella said 450 standing, looked bigger. Good turn out for an out of town gig. A few faces I noticed, all good mates and supports of real music - Gary Broadhead (another tog), Dave Evans, Mr Peeps and David Williams to name a few.

The Northstand opened up the night, and I was impressed. Northstand are band to watch out for me thinks, as they develop. Great front man.....and they headline a show at The Eagle Inn Salford 1st November, get over if you can, it'll be a good one.

Dave Sweetmore was next up, doing his set of indie/Manc tunes from the 80s and 90s made me feel 18 again,  and got me in the mood for Northside. Following his tunes Dave then acted as compare. I wish more bands/gigs would have one of these.....I know Mr Peeps does, but can't think of any others in town that do.

Northside, top quality performance and never fail to make me dance - not easy to shoot and boogie. Did a full on set, with all the tunes we know from back in the day. Looking forward to the next show, mint......get and see them, loads of dates over the next few months! 

Now then, in summary a great night of acts and a nice venue.......but, the lighting was a let down, not the best - I know I nearly always say that, but feel it needed a little more to fill the stage. Also, the sound was sweet but not very loud.....nowhere near 11......more 7. Think a bigger PA and better lights would be on the Christmas list to make it a venue to compete with Band on the Wall, and The Ritz.