Gig reviews

Starting to plan a few monthly gig reviews as seen from the photo pit.....or front of stage. Now I'm no reviewer as words are not my thing really, but I'm passionate about quality live music and the feeling of a packed venue......I'm selective about the bands I work with and always enjoy their music, but in a gig the crowd has it's part to play and is important to the overall success of the gig.

So my reviews will be based more on the feeling - the experience, and will include the good the bad and ugly about what I see. From the venue, the lighting....them smelly bloody smoke machines to the warm cans of £3.80 Red Stripe. We know the music at the moment is on a whole is a high standard, so lets talk more about the gig.

Living near Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, I can get to a gig every night if I could, wish I could! For many people, fans of the scene,  time and money is key and it saddens when a venue or a performance fails to meet value for money. The crowd needs to get value and the bands, performers need a crowd to test tunes and gain feedback - just want to report/review the gig and look back and see (fingers crossed) the growth in the coming years.

So lookout for the reviews - and get out and see the future talent!

Couple of sites with look at for gigs dates are and  

See you soon, Nidge.