Tramlines 2014 Crystal Stage 26 - 27th July

Well, I'm worn out.....more so than normal, which can only mean one thing.

Yes it was a belter, full on two days of real music in the city of Sheffield. On the back of a Thursday and Friday gig we headed over to checkout Neil Hargreaves - Aggressive Management event.

I'm based in south Manchester so the trip over is a good hour and half, and being as organised as I am, no hotel so we did the journey four times over the Woodhead Pass and lived to tell the story. The near death road trip was more than worth the effort. The Crystal Stage (held at the Crystal Bar some where in the centre of the city) was great, parking near by, and once we found it greeted by some top doormen. The venue is a large open space - guess it's a posh bar/club when its not festival weekend. Large temp stage placed under a large skylight thingy me bobber which was a challenge to shoot during the day. Impressed with the vibe and sound, beer wasn't cheap but gig was free so I call that a win.


Over all,  the two days at the gig went without a hitch - well done Neil. And the feedback and chat was positive from bands and punters. Went for a few walk about's and the people and city was buzzing and a credit to Sheffield Council - take note Manchester!

Line up was a wow, lots of band I've worked with and love.....Puppet Rebellion, The Minx, The Darlingtons, Kismet Riding The Joint  and Slow Readers Club, but a few I'd never seen and one stood out - The Struts, what a performance, and a must see band.


I'm not going to go on about the music, as it's more about the venue, event and performances - which on all fronts were bob on , well done the bands and organisers......sametime next week :-)