Death to the Strange and The Moods Ritz gig review.

I'm back yet again, doing another must review this gig......and I'm not a blogger, or a reviewer.......I just press a button and hope for the best, and use this page to talk about the venues, crowd and the success of the night.

But I'm going to stick my neck out and say last Friday will be one of the gigs of the year for me. I've not been about much for a month or so but this was a must shoot and show to be at and has restored my faith in real music.

Lets start with the venue, the Ritz which is one of the bigger and grander venues in Manchester,  is usually a stage for the signed touring bands with a capacity in the region of 1500. It's has a great stage and lighting, with a professional feeling about it - you know, stage monitors that work and a lighting fella.......a photo pit wider enough for real people and a few big crowed grabber outer type men with hi vis jackets on! Sound was first class.....not too loud (I'm getting old) oh and another highlight was the £3 a pint deal. Loads of fellow photographers turned up for this gig which I'm sure helped the beer takings.

Now on to the event, I must say I'm a big big fan of Death to the Strange and the Moods so I had every confidence they would smash it......but I must say I was twitchy due to the capacity and all the bands being unsigned and feared a part full venue. But much respect and a great big pat on the back to Papillon  Promotions for all the work they and the bands put into very nearly filling the place. The crowd, many of them I know and can call friends really played a part in the night with support to the bands, the merch sellers and that bar.

So a major well done to all, a top top night. Check out all the bands, support them and buy their stuff - see the links below the images. Also, keep an eye on Papillon Promotions I can see more great nights to come from them.

Now for a confession, I was a little late and missed the opening acts :-( but I hear they were top too.....promise to catch you soon.