Scott Lloyd live at The Castle Mcr 17th July gig review

Back again talking about a top gig when I should stick to taking photo's, but this night is worthy of my poor English and grammar - so hold out, please!

I think I've only been lucky enough  to catch Scott a couple of times, no hang on three times in total and each time he manages to move me. I'm not a music reviewer, but I know when it's good and as Bob Marley said "when it hits you feel no pain" and Scott's stuff deserves to be hits! This was Scott's first show with a full band, and I'm sure it can't be easy working and getting a fit to your solo music.......but this worked, it really worked. The opening song started with Scott then the full band kicked in mid song and it gave me goosebumps it was that good, and you could feel the whole crowd sense it too. I'm going to add a few links at the bottom of this post so go and follow him/them!

We all know how good the Castle is, and it was full for this one. Top venue.

Also on the line up where our friends Black Tooth, as main support, great sounds and vibe about these lads and some great new songs played, love'em.

Now recently I've been getting to venues late, very unlike me but this was another (confession) time I missed the opening act (yes but.........I make amends) James Holt, who I'd let to see, but was told is a must see. So like all good things, and totally by chance the following day I headed over to see Mog Stanley and Feed The Kid at the Pop Up Festival (both were great) and I stood around at the first stage, met up with Mog and walked over to the second stage. As I was stood waiting I got talking to a lady, and she was telling me her son was about to play......I asked if he'd played anywhere recently and she said "yeah the Castle last night" it was only James Holt :-) a total fluke this, the only person I spoke to happened to be his mum and dad! So, the images of James are from a differant show, but this lad is such a talent, and I'll be looking out for him.  

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