Puppet Rebellion from the archive - first show.

It's been one of them sad few weeks, when we have bands "moving on to new projects" or members leaving. With Twisted Wheel splitting again, the Darlingtons and now Simon - the lead singer departing from Puppet Rebellion. I wish them all the very best and thank them for their performances and friendship. 

In this industry, a music photographer, we are blessed with getting to know and see things many fans, and supporters of real music rarely see. I try in my images to show some of the energy of the shows and the back stage pre show to highlight that these talented, hard working artists are first and foremost good guys and like us love the scene.

I've said it many times and I'll keep saying it.........get out and see the bands, we need to support them and give them the feedback to grow.

Here are a few images I took of Puppet Rebellions first ever gig, shot at the Dry Bar Manchester. This performance was the reason I followed them and only missed 2-3 shows.