The Minx smashing The Ruby Lounge 23/08/14

Love these lad's, and their thing! This blog is not and never will be about the music - it's aim is about the performance of bands and the venues overall value for the music goer. But I feel I need to say the tunes The Minx craft are spot on and deserve to be heard and seen! You know the score, hunt them down and buy their stuff, trust me I'm a fox and I know!

I've been blessed with seeing The Minx loads over the past 2 years or more, and often meet up with the same faces each show, and it's kind of like a club! The Minx are more than a band, I believe. The odd thing is, and this sum's them up, Chris asked if I was coming over and he would guest list me.......perk of the job. My reply "too bloody right" or words to that effect. But I'm always listed as Foxy, or Trust a Fox and Chris asked me for my replay "Nidge fuck face Sanders" and guess what my name was on the door! yeap.......Fuck Face!

On to the night, the show opened with two other bands I've worked with, Black Tooth and King Kartel, both ones to watch out for and I will add some images when I can.

The Minx came out to a near capacity crowd, and they always do, but this was a bank holiday weekend and a major festival 40 miles up the road at Leeds, so well done lads. The sound was and lighting was great.....well, lighting was a bit hit and miss to be fair, but better than most. As a venue I think Ruby Lounge is near the top in Manchester - not too big but big enough.

The Minx were being filmed on the night, and looking forward to seeing it as the show was full on energy from start to finish.

Great band, top tunes in a leading venue and these lads need to be seen and heard, quality.